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Get the kids “All Fired Up” to learn with us!


Are you looking for something creative, unique and fun to do with your students?  Tired of doing the same old projects?  Paint pottery with us! 


“Learning through the arts fosters integration of a student’s sensory, cognitive, emotional and motor capacities”

~an excerpt from the Ontario Visual Arts Curriculum p.4

Our program meets all the requirements of the Provincial Elementary School Visual Arts Curriculum!




Safe, easy and FUN!

 Who are we?  All Fired Up is a paint-your-own pottery studio.  We work with you to ensure the best possible experience painting pottery and tailor our program to meet individual course curricula and have some fun!   When you come in to paint with us you get the benefit of our experience, the “coolness” of being at the studio, and none of the mess!  We have different pieces to meet your needs and everything required for the young artists to create their masterpieces. 


Can’t come to us?  We are “all fired up” to make it easier for you to access us.  No more buses, no more stress, we can come to you!  It is harder than ever to get out of the school for unique, creative, educational experiences so let us help!  If you want us to come and paint with you, all you need to do call us.  Just like when you come in to paint with us, we have different packages for any occasion and we come to you equipped with everything needed to inspire and create.  Once finished, we take the pieces back to our studio to be glazed and fired.  They will be ready for you to pick up in about a week.  Pretty nice when someone else does the dirty work for you!!


ALL OUR PAINTS AND GLAZES ARE NON-TOXIC, LEAD-FREE AND FOOD SAFE!  They also wash off all surfaces, hair, skin, clothes and tables!


What are the benefits?  Our program complies with all of the requirements for the Visual Art component of the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum!  Imagine consolidating the ancient civilization component of your social studies curriculum by having the students paint their own masterpieces.  This is just one example of the ways you can enrich your curriculum through experiential learning.  Painting ceramics promotes colour identification, dexterity and hand-eye coordination for younger children making it an invaluable early education tool.  It is quite possibly one of the easiest art media to use and the paint is water soluble for easy clean-up!  Don’t forget, hand painted pottery make inexpensive and practical gifts for family and friends and are great art projects for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day or Father’s day.


How much does it cost??  $20 per student (including the tax!)  This includes the session time, piece, paints, glazing, firing, wrapping up the pieces and delivering back to you after they have been fired.  THERE ARE NO EXTRA COSTS! 

We do need a minimum of 15 artists to come to you.


How do you book??  via email only at  We need about two to three weeks notice just to make sure that we have everything you want!


For more information about  All Fired Up paintable ceramics ,

call us at (416) 233–5512 or email us at


~ No appointment, talent or experience required! ~



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